Gingerbread theme for 2.2 Froyo(custom Rom)

Go to G5Dev team homepage or their wiki at

Also see

These are the apps which I have used for hours and they worked perfectly fine till now. App names contains links to marketplace and you can directly download these to your device.

Wolfram alpha(premium)
This is a good app for engineering students and general knowledge research. It helps to draw graphs, find series for a group of numbers, finding facts. I've used this to enquire domain names and also english grammar definition. A must have app for every student and scholar.

AdownloaderIt is a multipurpose app. I use this to download files from links in browser over http. Also i used this to download a couple of torrent files from saved .torrent files. Unlimited internet plan is recommended as you wont know how long you've been downloading.


This is a google reader app and i use it to read updates from rss subscriptions. It has a decent offline functionality and if you have enough memory on memory card, it can pre download full articles.

TuneIn Radio pro(premium)
I bought this app from google play(formally android market). It has access to all shoutcast streaming media. The pro version has recording options which means you can download streaming music. It has pretty decent playback and buffering experience. I certainly recommend this app.

This is a free anonymous proxy client on tor server network. This is useful for seaurely visiting any website without leaving any footprint. It slows down internet speed considerably. This is only needed for privacy connscious people and not for everyone.

Adobe Reader
YES!! Pdf files open seamlessly on galaxy 5 handset and i read quite heavyweight pdf files using this app. Works fine on text and images. But it takes lot of time in zooming on images. So use this if you have lots of text and little images to read.

Network speed
This app shows a graph of upload and download speed in realtime. Although it uses significant amount of RAM yet i find it of utmost importance

Opera mini next(my favorite mobile browser)
It loads pretty fast, saves upto 70% data usage as compared to dolphin or default internet browser. Opera uses cloud for compressing data and minimizing javascript and heavy files. It is a definite time and money saver.

I use this to view streaming videos and also audio and video files. Quite stable, clean interface, it is my favorite since i knocked out winamp and rockplayer. It is one of the best media players on android.

My Data Manager
I always ran out of data balance and ended up paying my balance for every megabyte of internet overage. But thanks to this app i can now limit monthly mobile internet usage to any value like 500 MB or 3 GB as i like. As soon as limit expires, this app turns red and notifies you for excess usage.

Air control lite(game)
Yes this is a nice game where you play the role of air traffic controller and land aircrafts, jets and helicopters on a landing strip. My personal best score is 200 after lots of hardwork.


  1. Do you need to have rooted your phone to install Gingerbread?

  2. No Richard, you don't need to be rooted.
    Actually its a custom ROM based on core framework of froyo.

    So you may refer to for realtime information from them.
    Hope this information helped you

  3. hey tell me wht i do after hard reset by this code*2767*3855# ...

  4. works great after i installed it on my Samsung Galaxy 5... ;))

  5. I also got a Samsung Galaxy 5 and I did install it like the tutorial and I still got froyo can't You post a more detailed tutorial
    What packet do I need to put in (one package)option is the I5500LAROJP2.tar


  6. @meth yep² the firmware will still be Froyo but with a custom and stable ( ROM ) and changes on this one are listed above. The most noticeable changes are the new Ginger theme and the new bootAnimation theme. ;))

  7. my phone keeps starting in "android system recovery" mode with "Samsung Recovery Utils for BML" after the update :(

    and all the applications and settings are there even after the hard reset as u have said.

    and I'm not getting the theme as displayed in video.


  8. Tried doin' hard reset but it's stuck on a Triangle figure with an exclamation point in the middle. When pressing Menu I have 4 options and one of them is "apply". Upon choosing this one it can't find the file. What should be done on this stage or Where should we download this file "" so that I can successfully do the Hard Reset ? ;))

  9. @j0b3L ,@bhavya kamboj
    I don't have any of those features it is exactly the same like Froyo. What I CAN DO ? After this update my 3G has stopped working please help

  10. Hey guys my 3G works fine I didn't have any credit left.......
    But still I don't have any of the new features how do I enable them? thanks

  11. never mind my issue above. i already resolved it. ;))

  12. @j0b3L @meth
    Thanks for telling that all problems r now gone. Otherwise I was thinking to delete the post if it ever harmed anyone. How's been your experience with new theme. Can you upload some screenshots of the phone as off now?

  13. nic 1... suerly try as soon as i take my 1st andro.. galaxy 5.... i was thinking of galaxy 551 (as it has preinstalled 2.2)... plz tell me for wat shud i go for..

  14. @Swaps
    thanx. I suggest you to take up newer model(galaxy 551 or other), because galaxy 5 has a QVGA resolution i.e. 240X320

    But I suggest you to take a phone with either HVGA or WVGA resolution, though it may be costly. And if you want to get further versions of android in future(after gingerbread), then buy a phone with atleast 1GHz processor(A8 processor or tegra) becoz otherwise phone will slow down. So if you consider a long term investment in phone, then buy a 1GHz phone, with atleast 256MB RAM, or 512 MB preferred, multitouch support, and other features as hsdpa 3.6/7.2 Mbps, wifi, usb 2.0, minimum 3.2 MP camera(flash preferred) and autofocus is compulsory,(because there's no autofocus in galaxy 5 and picture quality is poor). Buy LG optimus one, samsung galaxy S or such quality handsets.

    But if you look for economical phone, i'll prefer galaxy 5 over galaxy 551. As far as keyboard is concerned, in landscape mode, the qwerty keyboard is very easy to type.
    Hope that helps you make the right decision! :-)

  15. @Swaps you didn't tell your main focus on buying phone

    Features OR Economical OR Upgradable OR Branding(needed for customer support) OR Platform

    So the best phone depends on each of these criteria that you have in mind

    For features, buy Motorola Droid, Galaxy S, HTC wildfire etc, you'll find more on

    Economical-Galaxy 5 is best, BIG NO to micromax, intex and other cheap companies(because they have resistive touchscreen, and your entire experience is spoilt, so buy Fulltouch(best) OR multitouch(good) or capacitive touch(fair) but STRICT NO to resistive or you'll end up wasting your money

    Upgradable-Minimum 1GHz processor phone(see first type above), with dedicated GPU, 512 MB RAM and all other features. Then you can enjoy motion gaming, simulation games(like flying airplane, moto racing stuf, etc) without a single glitch. For gaming users, see upgradable and features category only

    Branding-Samsung is best when it comes to brand and after sales service(I bricked my phone, still they replaced in a week, for free as it was in warrenty), LG's service is average, never buy micromax or intex or other cheap phones if you're going to play with ROMs, I don't know abt motorola and HTC much, because in India, they have few outlets, and support,but globally they are in straight competition with samsung),

    Platform-I suggest to everyone who reads this post, if you're in India, buy an android phone from any of above, if you're abroad(US,UK,Korea,UAE,etc), I prefer iphone than android because its still a masterpiece, and the android market is still not competent and in competition with iphone apps.

    For all other reasons, buy android, NEVER buy Nokia, because nokia is giving up Symbian S60 platform in few years, however if ever nokia enters into android market, then go for it(it should)
    Is that information useful
    Best of Luck for your 1st handset!

  16. Hi..
    I have downloaded 2.0.8b (Ginger Theme)
    But the names in the folder is not like the names in Odin. Where should i place the diffirent files?
    Phone, csc and so on?

    And my last question, is there any problems in this version of Froyo?

  17. Hi guys these custom roms Gingerbread and stock theme have been tested by me. I have even tested the gingerbread 2.3.2 rom on Galaxy 5. The 2.0.8 rom with gingerbread theme would have a problem of restarting during calls. So i would not recomend that rom , the stock theme rom as of now doesnot have such problems. The rom that i would recommend as of now would be motafoca 2.0.7 V Batfix . This is quite stable. I have been contacted by motafoca team to help them in developing a gingerbread kernel for Galaxy 5. So keep watching out for it , The stable 2.3.2 rom would be available soon on either this blog or at .

  18. @bhavya

    ya im frm india... i need a economical 1 as i hav already lost me corby pro :(

    btw... r there any nic games for galaxy ??

  19. @swaps there's a dell phone somewhat XD58(i saw it yesterday) It is cheaper than galaxy 5(it costs 7800) so i prefer that economical phone.

    It has same specifications as galaxy 5.