Finally a solution to wordpress theme

I've been disgusted for years when it came to finding a good wordpress theme. Of course there is PREMIUM $117 and $80 version of thesis theme, but I can't afford that, and won't buy either.

After having tried blogger themes, wordpress themes and all the hell, now I am back to the ferry wheel, so after searching google,  I came upon a very useful framework called Themeframework

The best part about this is that in analogy to a cow and milk, this framework is the cow that gives milk in form of themes.

Yeah! Its easy now to visually design every bit of wordpress blog without even knowing CSS! All you need to do is just drag and drop, visually edit all the options, colors, etc. And there is no licensing limitation, sell it on market, submit for wordpress or do whatever you can! Earlier I found Light CMS providing ability to visually design a website, but still I didn't want to troll out of the pasture land of wordpress, so this framework really came as a rescue. To add to the flavor, this framework is made by the creator of atahualpa, a big named theme on wordpress.

I've not yet purchased the $80 license, but am thinking of. It can give me power to create another thesis!
Thanks for reading
Here is the link for themeframework

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