Found a good backup solution for $5 monthly

As i'm often spidering web products for future use looking for low cost and really worth solutions, there's a lot of adventure browsing from ma phone.

One such geek solution is 'unlimited' backup solution for desktops, laptops and vms. I don't know how i ended there looking for san storage. But i'm really amazed to find how backblaze can actually offer unlimited storage to anyone.  yes i mentioned unlimited not like cheap shared hosting jargon but true and economical, i got convinced after looking at their post how they built 67 terabytes of storage for just $7867 that's pretty impressive close to 5 cents a gb, much lower than amazon. I even bookmarked their tutorial for future reference in case i'd build a datacenter of my own. But its really impressive how they put up their inside out, not caring for competition.

*note its a 2009 tutorial so maybe the cost of hardware landslide recently and you can have it for even less. Btw i am in no ways affiliated with backblaze nor a customer. So i bear no responsibility for advising to use their service.

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